Quickclient is Documentum administration tool.


  • DQL / API
  • User and Group Management
  • Server method administration
  • Format editor
  • Job editor
  • ACL Editor
  • WebPublishing configuration editor
  • Log viewer
  • Simple Digital Asset Management interface (5.2.x only)
  • And much much more....
Fortica offers Quickclient for anyone as a free download. However, please keep in mind that Fortica does not offer any free support, or warranty to QuickClient.

Download Quickclient here

To install:
  • Check that c:\temp and c:\documentum directories exist, if not, create them.
  • Create installation directory somewhere
  • dmcl40.dll and dmclvb40.dll are needed
  • Place executable, and dlls to installation directory
  • If you get ocx errors -> download ocx-files from microsoft and install

Your corporations legal department can read the license from here